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Now you have a whole weekend to recover

I have my friend here all weekend and one joining on Saturday

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but on the bright side I'm not in college tomorrow so thats a good thing

Lucky shit

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It's weird because you go from being the youngest in the school to the oldest then go to college and you're right back at the bottom again as the youngest x

Aw that’s sad x

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I don't know if I replied or not last night because I was super tired but yeah I said my bad I'm reading it on tumblr but it's on wattpad too x

I’ll probs read it on wattpad if I do aha x

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Hey, so I rarely use this blog anymore, and I’m sorry for that, but hey if you wanna follow my other one, you’re more than welcome lovelies, but this one will still be here

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i thought i'd actually got away without having to do it bu then nope my cousin swoops in and yay


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don't you be getting a cold being out in the rain :( ;)

I’m not, I’m just sad under a bridge near the river it’s cozy

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everything good makes you fat an addict or broke

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Natural hair and natural face selfie 😳😁

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  • Kurt
  • Nirvana Live at reading 1992
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One of the first photos with both Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl together. The day Dave Grohl joins β€ͺNirvana‬ in September, 1990. Photographer: Ian Tilton.

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